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3 Services Promise a More Enjoyable Travel Experience

Enjoyable travel experience If you’re on the road traveling for business even a few times each year it can be a grind.

So the other day as I was searching online I found out about 3 services which promise to make your travel experience more enjoyable.

Let’s see if this is nothing more than hype or a change for the better…

“Lounge Buddy”

Airport seats at gates or other waiting areas are not exactly known for comfort. And sitting on one with your laptop or tablet for long periods of time isn’t the most comfortable way to spend your time while you wait for your next flight.

Well, an app called Lounge Buddy is helping travelers locate and book last-minute seats in airport lounges around the world.

The cost?

Frequent fliers who already qualify to access lounges can book space for free. However, if you’re a less frequent flyer the booking fee typically runs between $20 to $50, and that includes lounge amenities such as:

  • free drinks
  • WiFi
  • business center
  • comfortable seating
  • power outlets

The app lists all available amenities at the lounge so you know what you’re getting when you book.


Making arrangement and booking reservations that fit your travel itinerary can be frustrating, especially when multiple stops are involved.

This reality spelled opportunity for former Facebook engineer Ari Steinberg.

Vamo is a novel travel booking site that lets you build your itinerary based on destinations and desired time in each location. With this data Vamo provides you with the best travel options, which includes:

  • airlines
  • buses
  • ferries
  • trains

You can then review and customize your itinerary or simply go with some or all of Vamo’s suggestions.


While you’re on the road for business no doubt some much valuable “me-time” is required.

However, if you often find yourself in a new city it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find the best places to visit, shop or dine out. And this is the sweet spot for Headout.

According to Varun Khona, CEO and co-founder, “when it comes to mobile experiences, there’s no mobile, universal brand to get access to amazing activities.” Their app promises to be a most valuable tool for finding, and booking, last-minute activities.

With their app you can view and book all kinds of diversions, from helicopter tours to Broadway shows. The best part? Nothing can be booked more than 24 hours in advance, the prices you’ll find will be discounted.

The common thread for all three of these services is the fact that they are all app based. And that really should come as no surprise…

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