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Are Recent Troubles for Uber Simply Bad PR?

Car in NYCUber, the company that aims to be “everyone’s private driver” has run into a lot of bad press of late.

Is this merely the result of an aggressively expanding company, or does it indicate something more troubling on the horizon for Uber.

A December article by Katy Steinmetz in Time recently raised this issue.

Growing pains or corporate hubris?

In November of 2014 there was quite a buzz about the statements of Uber Exec Emil Michael that Uber should start digging up dirt on reporters who criticize the company. Clearly this was a case of corporate hubris, the likes of which amount to a “how dare you critique our business model.”

But clearly such (mis)statements indicate something of a corporate culture, do they not? And maybe recent bad press has some execs at Uber scrambling.

Of note are recent allegations of lax oversight and shoddy safety issues, highlighted in the Time article.

And some drivers are beginning to come forward to share their story of mistreatment by a company that promised to make everybody with a car their “own boss.” Additionally, some municipalities are banning the service for regulatory and safety concerns, and not simply because of complaints from local taxi drivers.

At the end of the day, however, you have to consider that the yellow cabs and limousine companies in your area are playing by one set of rules (i.e. compliance with ALL insurance and safety regulations) while another (the local Uber driver) is not.

Tech company or car service?

Laws regarding public safety are on the books for a reason, and usually in response to some tragedy or gross misconduct in an industry.

Uber’s claims to be merely a tech company is a business strategy that allowed them (temporarily) to bypass transportation safety regulations and insurance coverage requirements, and in turn passed these liabilities off to the drivers they employ.

Is this legal?

And at what cost to the consumer?

You may not know that Teddy’s conducts extensive background checks on the chauffeurs we employ, and that they are required to complete an extensive training program 60 days after hire.

Our customer’s safety and peace of mind come first.

Simply put, by using a smart phone to “get connected” to a random driver in your area simply puts yourself, your client or your family members at risk because there’s no way to know who is going to meet you and if the driver who finally greets you is insured, properly trained or medically cleared to drive.

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