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“Your service is nothing but phenomenal, so I continue to try to convert my other Fairfield county colleagues to become Teddy’s customers.”

Teddy’s Platinum Rewards


As one of our most highly valued clients, you deserve our finest effort, whether it’s business or pleasure that brings you to travel with us. We believe our services are among the finest in the world, and the benefits and privileges of membership in our Platinum Rewards Program are our way of saying “Thank you.”

Platinum Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out my Platinum Rewards Miles total?

Teddy’s emails a quarterly Platinum Rewards Miles summary to clients who participate in this unique loyalty program. At any time you’d like to find out your miles total, please call our customer service representatives in Norwalk, Connecticut (800.888.3339, or from overseas 203.831.4108).

Why didn’t I get my Platinum Rewards quarterly summary?

Our e-marketing platform, like all others, will not allow us to send multiple messages to an email address. In some instances, one administrative assistant’s email address is the address of record for a number of program participants. Accordingly, if you did not get your mileage summary, please call. Any Teddy’s agent can give you your total and, at your request, add your email address to the passenger profile record.

Can I view my Platinum Rewards Miles online?

Yes, your miles total can be viewed through our online booking engine. For logon access information, contact Charles Wisniewski via email or 203.831.4108 any weekday.