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“My driver was great. I was having trouble with charging my phone, he set me up with his charger so I could charge up during the drive to LGA.”

Delays, Cancellations & Changes


Teddy’s Transportation System is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year at 203.831.4108. Your call will be answered immediately without ever having to “press 1.”

What if my flight is late?

Every 10 minutes, the Teddy’s platform tracks all commercial flights that we are scheduled to meet[1]. Even then, exclusively at Teddy’s, the first hour is free for pickups at airports in our primary markets: LaGuardia, White Plains, JFK, Newark Liberty, Tweed New Haven and Bradley International in Hartford/Springfield. After that we charge by the quarter-hour at our standing hourly fare for each vehicle style. Outside of our primary markets, graced wait charge policies vary.

What if my flight is diverted?

Protocol A: Once a flight approaches the destination airport, meaning we have to be there, but then diverts and lands elsewhere, we default to cancelling that car (industry-best late-cancellation charges apply[2]) and rescheduling another vehicle once you are airborne again for final arrival at the scheduled airport. This protocol cuts your cost for what could otherwise become a lengthy and costly stay at the standby airport.

Protocol B: It’s rare, but protocol A may result in your having to wait a few minutes for your second chauffeur once you land at your final airport. Accordingly, you may call or text to ask us to keep your first driver assigned to you so that he or she is on location no matter how long or short your diversion is.

What if I’m running late for a pickup not at an airport?

In Teddy’s primary markets[3], the first quarter-hour is free, after which we charge by the quarter-hour.

What if I have to cancel a reservation?

Teddy’s industry-best cancellation window allows you to cancel a reservation for pickups in our primary markets, with only two hours’ notice without charge. For late cancellations, our charge is also industry-best: 50% of the estimated fare plus incurred expenses.

Contact Teddy’s:

Telephone: 203.831.4108.

Email: Do not use email for last-minute communications.  We attempt to respond quickly to but urge you to monitor email conversations to be sure we respond in time.

Online trip management: Access the login via Online Reservation.


[1] We do not track flights that we are bringing you to an airport to catch.

[2] Half the estimated fare plus incurred charges such as tolls, wait and parking.

[3] Pickups in New York City, Nassau and Westchester Counties, New York and throughout Connecticut.