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Teddy’s Platinum Rewards Program Welcomes Nomad Restaurant Westport

We are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the Teddy’s Platinum Rewards Program – the award-winning Nomad restaurant in Westport, CT. This remarkable dining venue, heralded as Connecticut Magazine’s Statewide Best New Restaurant of 2023, is now part of our rewards catalog. All members can now redeem Teddy’s Platinum Reward Miles for gift cards to enjoy an unparalleled dining experience at Nomad. Read More

The New JFK Airport: Impact of Construction on Travel, Especially JFK Terminal 5 & Terminal 1

LaGuardia vs. JFK - Here are the pros and consOriginally opening its doors in 1948, the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is now underway with a $19BIL investment in its transformative re-development program with phase 1 scheduled for completion in December 2026. Building two giant new terminals, expanding and modernizing existing terminals, streamlining roadways, and including popular local retail and dining, the new JFK will be a modern, 21st-century world-class airport for all to enjoy.

However, with all that the re-development program will deliver to travelers and the community, there are some notable impacts along the way that travelers will need to be mindful of when booking and planning airport travel, particularly when it comes to JFK Terminal 1 and JFK Terminal 5. Read More

The Congestion Toll NYC Has Been Talking About for Years – Where Are We Now?  

UPDATE AS OF MARCH 27, 2024: The MTA board OKed the congestion pricing plan, paving the way for $15 tolls (and up) starting the summer of 2024. Passenger vehicles will be charged $15, trucks will be charged anywhere from $24-$36 depending on size, and motorcycles will be charged $7.50. There are some exemptions — and some caveats. Get more information on this decision.

NYC Travel Advisories & Traffic

NYC congestion tolls have been the topic of conversation for years now and it continues to be a dynamic situation, but at last, it seems that an approved program will be implemented in the Spring of 2024.

According to Bloomberg, the timing of the program’s implementation could not be better. The MTA is struggling to recover pre-Covid ridership levels, particularly on the longer-distance Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road lines.Projections of NYC congestion pricing’s effect show that up to 45,000 additional riders would use the MTA each weekday. Meanwhile, the state plans to reinvest nearly 100% of the congestion revenues back into the MTA system.  Read More

New Haven CT’s Latest Travel Convenience: Avelo Airlines


Avelo Airlines Tweed New Haven

Tweed New Haven Regional Airport photographed on August 16, 2022.

Avelo Airlines started offering service at Tweed-New Haven Airport (HVN) in the fall of 2021, ushering in a new era of convenient, reliable and affordable air service for business travelers. The airline’s arrival also created more than 100 airline jobs and is contributing to near-term local economic impact exceeding $20 million. If you haven’t yet booked a flight on Avelo Airlines, here’s what you need to know about this closer-to-home convenience. Read More

Tweed New Haven Parking: Your Best Option for an On-Time, Less-Stressed Arrival

Tweed New Haven ParkingOpposed to the crowds, long lines, lengthy walks and traffic congestion encountered at other airports frequented by Connecticut and New York-based travelers, Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN) offers a smooth and simple alternative hometown airport experience. Yet while HVN’s adjacency to multiple major highways and commuter railways make it Connecticut’s most convenient and easily accessible airport, Tweed New Haven parking presents challenges that can throw a wrench into your travel plans. Read More