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5 Gifts for Business Travelers this Holiday Season

5 gifts for business travelersThere are a lot of important questions to consider when purchasing a gift for your favorite business traveler this holiday season. What is the individual’s travel style (luxury versus budget, for example)? Do they travel mostly domestically or internationally (if the former, then you might want to reconsider that flashy passport holder)? Will the gift make their business travel easier or more of a chore (that new piece of travel tech could be a boon for your millennial son, but might make your dad’s travel life more difficult)?

Whatever type of business traveler you’re shopping for this month, consider one of these gifts. You might just find a perfect fit!

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The Fastest Way to Get to MetLife Stadium from New York City

Fastest and easiest ways to get to MetLife Stadium from New York CityTrying to get to MetLife Stadium to see a Jets or a Giants game? Even if you’re not coming from New York City, it can be a hassle just getting there. Add in trying to battle your way from the Big Apple and the difficulty intensifies.

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Our Favorite Fall Festivals in New England You’ll Want to Check Out

New England fall festivals 2019No place in the world does fall quite like New England! The fall foliage, the cozy food, the beautiful scenery, from mountains to coastline — it all comes together to create one picturesque autumn setting. If your travel plans include a quick trip to the region this month or next, consider traveling in time to make one of these top fall festivals.


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Research Reveals that Traveling for Business Sparks Creativity & Productivity

How business travel sparks creativity and productivityGone are the days when traveling for business was solely a burden, something to begrudgingly take on as one of the least appealing parts of your job, all the while looking forward to arriving back home again. Today, new generations of employees are taking business travel on with enthusiasm (some studies show they’re even specifically seeking out jobs that offer travel opportunities!) and new research is saying that these generations are more creative and productive while on the road.

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