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Uptick in Business Travel for CT and NY Travelers

Teddy’s is seeing a slight uptick in daily trip counts since the end of the election


As you may have seen, in this space earlier, airports and air travel are proving to be exceptionally safe vis a vis the coronavirus. In fact, ‘companywide travel bans have become less common’ according to a State of the Industry report published by Business Travel News (Nov 5, 2020).

make your case and go

Only 5.6% travel managers said business travel is still suspended

The digital article goes on to say that while many business travelers are reluctant to travel, “plenty of companies and plenty of travelers say they want to travel.”

“Smaller companies, which are more growth-driven, are back on the road and traveling at half …their 2019 volume”.

After all, business travel has a 12:1 Return on Investment (ROI). We all now know that “phoning it in” leaves a lot to be said. JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon retorts online meetings lack “creative combustion.”