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Category: Winter Weather Driving Tips

Benefits of a Private Car Service When the Forecast Calls for Snow

Transportation and traffic in snowWhen the weatherman says there’s snow on the horizon it can really throw a wrench into your travel plans. Not only do you need to leave your house earlier to get to the airport on time, you will also have to contend with hoards of stressed and frightened drivers. Then you’ll have to wrangle your luggage through the mud and slush that accompanies winter weather. Hiring a private car service can go a long way towards avoiding a negative travel experience this winter.  Read More

What To Do About Cancelled Flights Out Of NY Airports

What to do when a flight is cancelledNew York weather can cause plenty of headaches for travelers throughout the year. Cancelled flights occasionally disrupt your perfectly laid travel plans when you least expect it. If it looks like your flight could be cancelleddue to weather moving into the area or any other service disruption, you need to have a contingency plan in place.

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Winter Weather Safe Driving Tips

Please watch this short video for some simple, and practical, winter weather safe driving tips, such as:

  • keep a blanket and extra warm clothing in the car in case you get stranded
  • watch local weather reports and avoid traveling in bad weather
  • let other people know your route if you need to travel
  • keep your gas tank at least half full before head out
  • never use cruise control when roads are icy Read More