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What To Do About Cancelled Flights Out Of NY Airports

What to do when a flight is cancelledNew York weather can cause plenty of headaches for travelers throughout the year. Cancelled flights occasionally disrupt your perfectly laid travel plans when you least expect it. If it looks like your flight could be cancelleddue to weather moving into the area or any other service disruption, you need to have a contingency plan in place.

Check For Updates Frequently

Barring any mechanical failures, weather is the single most common reason that flights are cancelled. Check the status of your flight before you arrive at the airport, and continue checking it while you wait so you will know immediately if you need to act on plan B.

Contact Customer Service

Take out your cell phone and immediately call the customer service line of your airport. If you wait to call, you’ll probably end up on hold for a long time. Be proactive and get yourself in the queue early so that you can request an alternate flight. Meanwhile, go stand in line at the customer service kiosk as well. There will probably be a line there too, but you never know which one will move faster. Once you have a customer service agent, ask about other flight options including alternative airlines. In addition, ask for compensation for your trouble, and any available hotel accommodations that they can make on your behalf. Most airlines already have partnerships with nearby hotels to handle these situations.

Call Teddy’s

Once you know whether or not there are other flight options available, it’s time to contact your car service. Teddy’s has worked out a flexible set of guidelines to help you deal with cancelled flights without adding any stress to the situation. At this point we will wait for you to notify us of your new travel arrangements. If another flight is not available until the following day, you can call Teddy’s and we will quickly dispatch a car to pick you up from the airport and take you to a suitable hotel. We aim to keep a team of drivers available at all times to handle short notice pick ups like this due to flights. Remember, if there is a possibility that your flight will be cancelled before you arrive at the airport, you can ask your Teddy’s driver to wait for you until you are certain that your flight will be departing as expected. You will pay the regular hourly rate for your car, and you can call at any time to let us know that you are ready for takeoff.

Cancelled flights can ruin anyone’s day, but being well prepared for airline delays and cancellations can make it easier to manage. Make sure you are staying up to date on your flight status so that you can act quickly in the case of a cancellation and get onto another flight as soon as possible. As always, Teddy’s will be standing by with cars available to take you to a local hotel or back home if a new flight is not readily available.

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