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Airport Travel: Best Airports in the US

Man sitting in airport awaiting travelWhen it comes to building a great airport, there are several key ingredients required. Everything from security to restroom cleanliness needs to be considered when ranking the best airports in the US. Fortunately, travelers are more than willing to share their opinions and provide feedback on their experiences. Here are the best airports in the US according to those who have been on the inside:
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4 Apps that Help You Manage Travel Expenses

Phone displaying apps Managing travel expenses is one of the most frustrating parts of corporate travel, both for the traveler and for the office admin who has to deal with it later. Fortunately, some app developers have released great products that help simplify this process and ensure that all standards are met for reimbursements and policy compliance. Here are a few of our favorites:
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LaGuardia Airport Construction Update

Delta plane at LaGuardia airportNow that we are well into 2018, it appears that LaGuardia’s overhaul is finally crossing some major milestones. The renovations on Terminal B and the addition of a new central building was a huge undertaking to the tune of $8 billion, but travelers can look forward to a vastly improved airport experience once the work is done. Here are a few updates on the progress thus far: Read More

Tips for Combatting Jet Lag

Man boarding a planeCrossing over multiple time zones can really leave your body in a funk. Unfortunately, if you don’t fight off the jet lag quickly, you could be missing out on the joy of your vacation. Here are a few tips to help you combat jet lag before it takes control of your day. Read More