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Don’t Get Pinched by New York City Traffic on St. Patrick’s Day

Traffic in New York CityNew York City’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the grandest in the nation. Unfortunately, all of the fun and festivities come at a price: an increase in New York City traffic. Whether you plan on attending the parade or not, you’ll definitely want to be up to speed on which roads to avoid over St. Patrick’s weekend.  Read More

Avoiding the Hassle of Parking at CitiField and Yankee Stadium

Citifield Aerial view Parking at CitiField and Yankee Stadium has notoriously been one of the most costly and stressful parts of taking in a sporting event in NYC. If you have tickets to an upcoming game or other events, you’re likely to find that parking will cost you dearly, even if you’re parked blocks away from venues themselves. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to avoid the hassles of parking yourself. Read More

Benefits of a Private Car Service When the Forecast Calls for Snow

Transportation and traffic in snowWhen the weatherman says there’s snow on the horizon it can really throw a wrench into your travel plans. Not only do you need to leave your house earlier to get to the airport on time, you will also have to contend with hoards of stressed and frightened drivers. Then you’ll have to wrangle your luggage through the mud and slush that accompanies winter weather. Hiring a private car service can go a long way towards avoiding a negative travel experience this winter.  Read More

Do You Know Who You’re Driving With? Private Transportation Safety

Chauffeur's hand on handle. Close-up of man in formal wear opening a passenger car doorThe professional driving industry is stepping up to try to ensure the safety of all passengers going forward. Last year, a lawsuit against the Connecticut Airport Authority claimed that drivers had not been properly vetted before being allowed to pick up passengers at the airport. One such driver was a known threat who had been placed on the No Fly List after being charged with trying to build Weapons of Mass Destruction. The CAA has now introduced stricter rules to help weed out drivers and protect riders.  Read More

LaGuardia Indoor Limo Pickup Back on Track in Certain Terminals

Throughout company history and long before the current multi-year LaGuardia redevelopment, ninety-eight percent of Teddy’s clients have always elected to use our Express curbside greeting at all of New York City’s major airports (LGA, JFK, EWR as well as HPN).  It gets them on the road towards home, in Connecticut and Westchester, at least ten minutes’ faster and saves a few dollars in parking.
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