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New LaGuardia Airport (LGA) Airline Terminal Locations Starting DECEMBER 09, 2017

Busy airport and travellers finding terminalsBusiness travelers the world over should keep their eyes peeled in the next few weeks as LaGuardia Airport’s terminals undergo a massive restructuring.

As of December 9th, 2017, several major changes will take place in the organization of the terminals to allow for a better travel experience and fewer delays. Here’s what you need to know:  Read More

Status Of Delays At Boston Logan

For travelers departing from and arriving into Boston Logan airport, things could be a little slow for the next few months. Over the last ten years, the Boston Logan airport has grown significantly in terms of flight volume. The time has finally come for the airport to see some major renovations. As a result, two of the airport’s runways have been closed temporarily to facilitate repairs and upgrades which has resulted in delays.  Read More