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Questions regarding Teddy’s website and services:

How can I make, change, confirm or make a reservation?

You can make a reservation online or by simply calling us at 203.831.4108. Reservation requests made via the Internet are confirmed by email within 60 seconds. Click here to reserve now.

What is your rate from point A to point B?

Teddy’s offers competitive rates based on the point of origin to the point of destination. Teddy’s provides immediate rate quotes in our rate look-up section for our point-to-point rates. For other types of trips, a dedicated vehicle and chauffeur are assigned to you on a time-based billing basis.

We make every effort to ensure that our website reflects the most current rates and charges. However, all posted rates and charges are subject to change without notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You can view our sample rate schedule or call for a customized quote at 800.888.3339 today.

What kind of vehicles do you use?

Teddy’s offers a wide variety of vehicles designed to accommodate single passengers, small groups and larger passenger groups. To review the various types of vehicles that Teddy’s can offer, simply click the link to review our fleet.

With 86 years of experience in the business, we understand that a successful event depends on the successful arrival and departure of participants. For this reason, our trained meeting, event and road show specialists plan and manage all aspects of group ground transportation. Call our dedicated support staff today 203.831.4108 to discuss your specific needs. Teddy can provide sedans, vans, or buses, depending on your specific requirements.

To book a smaller vehicle, use our convenient online reservations system by clicking the link.

What cities does Teddy’s service?

Teddy’s serves more than 500 cities throughout the world.

What is Teddy’s cancellation policy?

To cancel a reservation please call 203.831.4108.

Cancellations must be received at least two hours in advance of the service pickup time for for pickups between Newark, NJ and Hartford, CT. Reservations for service elsewhere may require as much as 4 to 24 hours notice for sedan and SUV service days for buses. For all reservations, please check your confirmation for the specific policy, which is determined by your city of service and vehicle type.

Late cancellations, in our primary markets, incur a fee of half the estimated fare, up to $200, plus any incurred expenses such as tolls or parking. Cancellations for service with affiliated partners in other markets will often be the full fare and expenses. View our policy for delayed or diverted flights.

Do I need to tip my driver?

An industry-standard gratuity is automatically added to your receipt to facilitate your company reimbursing you.  No further tip is expected. Do not hesitate to call Teddy’s anytime to adjust that standard amount down or up as you see fit.

Teddy’s rates are all-inclusive; we compensate our drivers adequately. Our drivers have been known to go beyond their expected duties; in this situation, if you feel compelled to give your driver an extra tip, it is appreciated but certainly not mandatory.

How soon before a flight should I be picked up?

For U.S. flights, we recommend arriving at the airport  90 minutes before your flight time. For international flights, we recommend arriving at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight time.

What if my inbound flight is delayed or diverted?

Teddy’s tracks your inbound flight, for maximum efficiency. Then, in the Greater New York/Connecticut markets, the first hour of waiting time is free. This usually mitigates all but the most stubborn gate, baggage or immigration delays. After that, we charge by the quarter-hour at the prevailing hourly fare for the vehicle-style you ordered.

If, after arriving into regional airspace, your flight diverts, Teddy’s policy is to quickly cancel that reservation and book another car once we confirm your departure from the diversion city and you are on your way back to NY or CT. This cuts your costs, for the original reservation, to half the estimated fare plus incurred costs like parking or tolls.

This is usually less expensive than keeping car#1 at the airport for an unknown diversion delay. But your final air leg will be short so there may be a short wait for car#2.

Alternatively, you can elect to request us to keep car#1 on your trip, on the clock, to assure we are there before you finally arrive at your intended airport. That first hour is still free. Call Teddy’s anytime for help with these issues.

When I book a reservation online, how will I know that Teddy’s received my information?

Teddy’s allows you to book reservations in real-time in more than 500 major markets around the world. When you book a reservation online with us, you receive a unique confirmation number, just as you would if you had placed your reservation with our Support Center.

With a secure interface to our back-end system, your personal information is not passed to our staff by email, like many other ground transportation companies on the Internet. Therefore, when you book a reservation online, your reservation is automatically booked directly into our reservation system in our offices. Once your reservation is completed, an email confirmation will be generated instantaneously.

To book your secure reservation online, simply click here or call for a customized quote at 800.888.3339.

What is the advantage to booking reservations in real-time?

The advantage to booking reservations online in real-time is the security of knowing that your information has been received by us. The system will not give you a confirmation number unless your information has been entered into our main system.

I already have an account with Teddy’s. Can I book reservations online?

Yes. Visit and click through to the online tool or to the link for the mobile tool. Use your email address for a login userID. Send for a password. If you already have a traveler profile, with Teddy’s, the system will send you a password. If it does not, you can register as a new user. Always feel free to call Teddy’s for assistance at 203-841-4108.

Can I only get receipts for reservations that I booked online?

You may obtain receipts online for any of your past trips, whether you booked them online or through our call center.

What type of security measures has Teddy’s used to protect my personal data such as credit card information?

Teddy uses a 128-bit encryption certificate from Verisign, the leader in Internet security. Keeping your information private is one of our top priorities.

What if I need Teddy’s to refund and rebill my trip to a different credit card?

Teddy’s usually closes rides on the following business day, or the next. If you cannot change your card number before it’s charged, we are happy to reverse and rebill with a fee of 5% of the original charge to meet extra credit card fees.

I’m having difficulty submitting my reservation online. What should I do?

Please be sure you are at the new online booking tool that launched March 1. 2018. If you got there, today, by links within then you are using the right tool. Then, be sure to check to make sure that you filled in all of the required fields on the form. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field. These fields must be filled in completely for the form to be transmitted. It also helps to use and click on the responses offered, by the platform, as you type your choice. If you filled in all of the required fields and are still having trouble, please call 203.831.4108 and we will assist you with your reservation and help with your online experience.

What if I encounter other difficulties using your website?

Please contact us at 203.831.4108. If you don’t reach us immediately, expect a call back within a few minutes during normal business hours. Please be prepared to explain the exact situation and circumstances you encountered when you had trouble with the reservation process to assist our staff in responding quickly to your request.

What is the STC component on my reservation?

The Surface Transportation Charge, STC, is a surcharge calculated as a small percentage of the fare used to offset certain particularly volatile operational expenses such as fuel and fleet insurance. This helps keep your fares and gratuities even, predictable and competitive.

Does Teddy’s use or sell my personal information to other companies for marketing purposes?

Never. You personal information is used only for our records and to communicate with you. We will not give or sell this information to anyone.

Where will I meet my driver when I am at the airport?

Pickup procedures vary from airport to airport. Instructions usually appear on your Teddy’s reservation email and help is available instantly, 24 hours a day at +1-203-831-4108. For more information on specific procedures for the airports that we service in the United States and around the world, contact us at 203.831.4108.

What if I don’t see my chauffeur?

Our Global Support Center tracks all arriving flights, and we will be aware of all delayed flights. If you miss your flight or connecting flight, you must call into our Dispatch Center at 203.831.4108 to make them aware of your change in plans. Otherwise you will be charged a “no-show” fee.

What should I do if my arriving flight is canceled?

Call 203.831.4108 immediately. It’s the responsibility of the traveler or booking agent to advise our office of any change in flight or flight number. The airlines will not tell us what flight you have been rerouted on. You will not be charged, and we will not show up for a canceled flight.