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Do You Know Who You’re Driving With? Private Transportation Safety

Chauffeur's hand on handle. Close-up of man in formal wear opening a passenger car doorThe professional driving industry is stepping up to try to ensure the safety of all passengers going forward. Last year, a lawsuit against the Connecticut Airport Authority claimed that drivers had not been properly vetted before being allowed to pick up passengers at the airport. One such driver was a known threat who had been placed on the No Fly List after being charged with trying to build Weapons of Mass Destruction. The CAA has now introduced stricter rules to help weed out drivers and protect riders.  Read More

5 Reasons Not to Take a Connecticut Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttles & buses As you’re headed to the airport this travel season, the though of taking an airport shuttle may have crossed your mind. After all, they’re supposed to be quick and convenient, right? Wrong. Year after year we hear dozens of complaints from customers who have had harrowing shuttle experiences.

Here are the top five reasons not to take a Connecticut airport shuttle this year.  Read More