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The New JFK Airport: Impact of Construction on Travel, Especially JFK Terminal 5 & Terminal 1

LaGuardia vs. JFK - Here are the pros and consOriginally opening its doors in 1948, the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is now underway with a $19BIL investment in its transformative re-development program with phase 1 scheduled for completion in December 2026. Building two giant new terminals, expanding and modernizing existing terminals, streamlining roadways, and including popular local retail and dining, the new JFK will be a modern, 21st-century world-class airport for all to enjoy.

However, with all that the re-development program will deliver to travelers and the community, there are some notable impacts along the way that travelers will need to be mindful of when booking and planning airport travel, particularly when it comes to JFK Terminal 1 and JFK Terminal 5.

JFK Airport Construction Impact on Travelers

Port Authority executives are hoping to avoid a repeat of what happened at LaGuardia Airport not long ago. It was just five years ago that passengers could sometimes be seen walking next to the car traffic on the Grand Central Parkway to beat the LaGuardia gridlock getting to and from LGA.

In an effort to ensure the same conditions don’t arise at JFK, Port Authority has opened an airport operations center at JFK Airport, where traffic engineers will monitor conditions around the clock and make changes as necessary to keep traffic moving.

For travelers to proactively plan around construction impacts, the JFK Construction website provides travelers with an up-to-date resource detailing the construction and travel impacts.  Updated regularly, the website strives to provide as much notice as possible prior to roadway or AirTrain changes. Acknowledging that conditions and impacts can vary day-to-day, the website also encourages travelers to follow @JFKairport on Twitter/X for last-minute alerts.

Major Impacts as of December 28, 2023 

1. AirTrain at JFK Terminal 1

AirTrain at JFK Terminal 1 is currently running a shuttle train between Terminal 1 and Terminal 8 only. If you’re at Terminal 1 and need to reach another Terminal, rental car services, hotels, or the subway to the city, you’ll need to take the AirTrain to Terminal 8 and transfer to another AirTrain going towards your destination.

If you are at JFK Terminal 5, 6 or 7 seeking to access Terminal 1, you’ll need to take the AirTrain to Terminal 8 and transfer to an AirTrain shuttle train to Terminal 1.

Please note that dedicated ADA shuttles are currently suspended. Wheelchair users should use the AirTrain.

2. JFK Terminal 5 For-Hire Vehicle Pick-up Changes

Terminal 5 for-hire vehicle pick-ups (e.g., Uber and Lyft) for arriving passengers have moved to the Terminal 7 Orange Garage roof due to Terminal 6 construction. Convenient access is available from the Terminal 7 AirTrain station. The customer journey to the pick-up area is expected to be approximately 15 minutes via the AirTrain to Terminal 7. There are no changes for departing customers who will continue to be dropped off directly onto the Terminal 5 frontage.

PLEASE NOTE: Passengers using Teddy’s Private Car Service for airport transportation to and from JFK will continue to be picked up curbside at Terminal 5 for maximum convenience for as long as we are allowed.

3. JFK Terminal 7 Orange Garage Parking – Pre Book Only

Terminal 7 Orange Garage is closed to drive-up parking (except parkers with ADA placards or tags). Limited spaces are available by pre-booking. Discounted pre book options are available in the adjacent Terminal 8 Red Parking Garage with free connection to Terminal 7 via AirTrain JFK.


The Most Reliable, On-time Way to Travel To and From JFK

Arranging door-to-door transportation service to and from John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York, can be a headache, no matter who you are. If you’re a businessperson trying to maximize productivity, you don’t have time to continually monitor JFK alerts and travel conditions. And if you’re a busy parent trying to find the best balance of quality, safety and price among private car services and transportation providers, you also likely don’t have hours to spend researching options on top of the ever-changing JFK travel impacts due to construction.

From New York City to Westchester, Hartford County to New Haven, if you live in New York State or Connecticut, Teddy’s airport car service can provide quick, safe and convenient options for arriving at JFK Airport on time and stress-free. In addition to monitoring flight arrivals data in real time, we also monitor the daily traffic coming in and out of JFK airport so that we can relieve that stress from your travel plans.

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