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Do You Know Who You’re Driving With? Private Transportation Safety

Chauffeur's hand on handle. Close-up of man in formal wear opening a passenger car doorThe professional driving industry is stepping up to try to ensure the safety of all passengers going forward. Last year, a lawsuit against the Connecticut Airport Authority claimed that drivers had not been properly vetted before being allowed to pick up passengers at the airport. One such driver was a known threat who had been placed on the No Fly List after being charged with trying to build Weapons of Mass Destruction. The CAA has now introduced stricter rules to help weed out drivers and protect riders.  Read More

Calculating the ROI of Business Travel

Calculating ROI on business travelCEO’s spend a significant amount of their time traveling between major airports. All this travel cuts into time they could be spending with family, answering last-minute calls and emails, or just relaxing. The truth is that for many CEO’s, a professional chauffer is well worth the cost because it opens up more time to take care of important matters. Here’s how you should be calculating your ROI on business travel: Read More

5 Great Escapes For January That Won’t Break The Bank

January vacation escapes The weather outside is frightening, and now is your chance to get away from it all by heading to a warmer climate. Unfortunately, this year’s hurricanes have damaged many of the popular travel destinations in tropical areas, so you’re going to have to look elsewhere if you want to enjoy some sun. That’s why we’ve put together a list of great escapes for January that you can definitely afford. Read More

Why You Should Start Planning Now For New Years Eve in The City

New Year's Eve in New York CityNew York City has become the focal point of New Year’s Eve parties across the nation. The event has become so large in Time’s Square that millions of people take to the streets every year, sometimes traveling all the way across the US to participate. There’s music and food and plenty of other entertainment going on as well.

If you want to make the most of the holiday, you need to start planning sooner rather than later.  Read More