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Winter Travel Safety Tips

winter travelAs you prepare to travel this winter, you are probably dreading the thought of unexpected weather delays, bad roads, and busy airports. However, there are a few simple ways to reduce the stress and make the most of your travel time. The more you plan ahead for winter travel safety, the better your travels will be.

Pack Light for Flights

Airline delays are unpredictable even under good weather conditions. They are almost guaranteed when the weather turns bad. The less you pack for your flight, the easier it is to change gates, take a stroll to stretch your legs, and keep track of things while you wait. Don’t risk straining your back with heavy luggage before your vacation even begins.

Avoid Getting Sick

If you’re headed into the trenches of overcrowded airports, you’ll be in close proximity to hundreds of people coughing, sneezing and generously sharing their germs. The flu is especially prevalent at this time of year. Make sure you are washing your hands and avoiding unnecessary contact whenever possible.

Check Your Tires

Actually, doing a full check up on your car before you leave is a good idea. Bad tires are a recipe for disaster on icy roads, and a broken belt can bring your trip to a premature end. The best way to combat these issues is to get your car checked out by a professional before you leave. Make sure you take it a week or two in advance just in case your mechanic needs to wait on parts.

Prepare a Safety Kit for Your Car

If you’re traveling on land, you need to be prepared for anything. A safety kit should include a warm blanket, extra chargers for your cell phones, an ice scraper, candles and matches, and anything else you may need if you get stuck. There’s no telling how long you could be stuck waiting for a tow truck or for the roads to clear, but you can at least stay warm while you’re there.

Test Your Car Seats

Car seats are always a hassle, whether you’re traveling by car or plane. Matters are complicated by large coats and extra layers of clothing that change the way the car seat’s straps fit over your child’s shoulders. Double check that car seats are installed properly before your kids get in. Then check the straps to make sure they are snug. If you can pinch the strap and get any slack, you need to tighten it up.

Stop When You’re Tired

Falling snow strains the eyes, and dealing with heavy traffic is exhausting. Fatigue is a major contributor to highway accidents every year, and it gets much worse in the winter. Stop regularly and get out of the car to stretch. Stay well hydrated, and take a nap if necessary. With road conditions already being dangerous, the only thing that will make it worse is trying to drive half asleep.

Winter travel safety should be a priority for you and your family. Just a few simple steps can ensure that you arrive at your destination on time and healthy. Start preparing for your travel well in advance and leave yourself plenty of time to pack and get your car checked out. Winter travel safety helps everyone have a more enjoyable trip.

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