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Winter Weather Safe Driving Tips

Please watch this short video for some simple, and practical, winter weather safe driving tips, such as:

  • keep a blanket and extra warm clothing in the car in case you get stranded
  • watch local weather reports and avoid traveling in bad weather
  • let other people know your route if you need to travel
  • keep your gas tank at least half full before head out
  • never use cruise control when roads are icy Read More

Former Uber Driver Discusses Insurance Issues

In this video an ex-Uber driver openly shares the reality of insurance troubles that drivers face.

Basically, drivers for Uber are forced to conceal from their auto insurers that they drive for Uber, for the simple fact that personal auto insurance does not provide sufficient coverage or liability protection for drivers to carry passengers.

And though Uber claims to carry liability coverage for their drivers, this isn’t the case…

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