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TNCs in Connecticut

Ride ResponsiblyAt the request of one of my 20 Group peers I recently signed the National Limousine Association’s RideResponsibly pledge.

The Ride Responsibly™ campaign is an initiative to bridge the gap between the rights of passengers and the responsibilities of service providers.

Ride Responsibly™ will establish best safety practices for prearranged car services and transportation network companies (TNCs). I also joined Advocates for Fairness in Transportation, an ad hoc group of regulated service companies dedicated to informing and educating the public on threats to public safety from TNCs.

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Limo Safety – Choosing a Ride to the Airport

As you’ll see in this short video limo safety is serious business.

The key? Driver training and vehicle maintenance. Here at Teddy’s we have always placed passenger safety on top of all other considerations. For example, all drivers are required to complete an extensive training course within 60 days of hire.

Additionally, all chauffeurs are required to undergo extensive drug and alcohol testing, and criminal background and DMV checks.

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New York City Suspends Five Uber Bases

NYC Uber A New York City administrative tribunal recently suspended five Uber-owned car service bases in New York City until they hand over trip data.

The penalty comes from an earlier refusal on the part of Uber to hand over the data as requested by the Taxi & Limousine Commission on October 9th. They were seeking electronic trip data for rides from April through mid-September.

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Winter Weather Safe Driving Tips

Please watch this short video for some simple, and practical, winter weather safe driving tips, such as:

  • keep a blanket and extra warm clothing in the car in case you get stranded
  • watch local weather reports and avoid traveling in bad weather
  • let other people know your route if you need to travel
  • keep your gas tank at least half full before head out
  • never use cruise control when roads are icy Read More