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How to Plan a Great Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party CTAs a Connecticut limousine service that’s been in business for almost 40 years, Teddy’s has seen more than a few bachelorette parties. We know what makes a great bachelorette party as well as what to avoid.

Rule number one is, of course, to have a good time. The bachelorette party should be a time to let loose before wedding-day stress sets in. But a great bachelorette party requires planning, and there are many factors to consider.

Here’s our view from the front seat.

Consider the Bride

While there’s often something to be said for surprising the guest of honor, try to consider her personality. Is she up for anything or is she more on the quiet side? Try to let her preferences guide you. You might ask her how much she’d like to be involved in the planning process. Another option is to ask her for a list of venues or activities that you can choose from. Here are a few ideas:

  • day at the spa
  • bar-hopping
  • dinner out
  • champagne brunch
  • comedy show
  • night clubs
  • concert
  • sporting event
  • winery tour
  • casino trip
  • beach vacation

Planning the Guest List and Budget

Ask the bride-to-be for a list of people to invite. Some of the best bachelorette parties we’ve been involved with have had 10 to 20 people. This is small enough so that you can enjoy each other’s company and it also helps keep the budget under control. Each guest should be willing to contribute some money toward the evening’s festivities, including some money to pay for the bride-to-be.

When inviting the guests, try to match the expected mood of the event. If the bachelorette party is to be informal and uncomplicated, then phone calls may be all you need. A more upscale bachelorette party may call for something fancier.

Remember the Gifts

Bachelorette gifts are a nice touch, whatever the theme or mood of your party. Depending on the bride-to-be, gag gifts might be in order, or the guests might all chip in for a spa treatment or something else that’s thoughtful and personal. If you’re having trouble with this aspect of the bachelorette party, ask the bride-to-be’s friends and family for ideas.

Plan Ahead

While you may be tempted to wait until the last minute for a special friend or relative to arrive, you definitely don’t want to be the one who gets blamed for the bride being tired or hung over on her big day. Pick a date for the party that’s a week or two before the wedding, and then notify people three or four weeks ahead of the party. Likewise, if reservations are needed, book your venue or venues ahead of time. If you’re planning to go to more than one location, try to keep the number of venues reasonable — and consider how everyone will get from one venue to another.

Book Reliable Transportation

Speaking of travel, booking a limousine or a party bus for a bachelorette party is a great idea — for several reasons. It keeps everyone together, it ensures a safe trip between locations and it helps to make sure everyone gets home … and it’s a fun, classy way to commemorate the occasion. Most limousine companies offer party packages that include unlimited stops, a full bar, and other amenities. Booking a bachelorette party limousine or party bus is one of the best ways to make the event a great time for everyone involved.

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