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3 Mind Blowing Ideas for a Romantic Holiday Celebration in Manhattan

Holidays in Manhattan, NYCThe holiday season is around the corner and you probably are wondering where you and your family are going to spend the holiday and what you will be doing when on holiday. Well, if you haven’t settled on a location yet and are looking for a scintillating place to spend your holiday then Manhattan is beckoning and you should duly oblige.

Manhattan is at the heart of New York, the revered center of the universe is home to some of the most iconic attractions and a scintillating variety of entertainment and art. Manhattan, literally has something for everyone- making it the perfect holiday destination for families and couples looking for a romantic holiday celebration.

So, what are some of the best destinations in Manhattan that are perfect for a romantic holiday? Here are 3 mind blowing ideas for a romantic holiday celebration in Manhattan;

Circumnavigate Manhattan with your loved one

Want to get the best view of Manhattan and take lots of breathtaking pictures with your loved one? Well, Circle Line offers a full island Cruise which is a six or so hour-long trip. This cruise, might not sound as elegant from the onset but the many who’ve take trip have had unforgettable memories.

With the help of a tour guide, you and your loved one will get a close-up look at the Statue of Liberty, the Ellis Island and enjoy a lot of red wine with your loved one as you cruise through the periphery of Manhattan.

Enjoy the art and preserved culture in the famed Manhattan Museums

Manhattan, is home to some of the best art center and museums. The spectacular art and culture on display in these museums and art centers have helped put Manhattan on the map globally. This explains why cumulatively, these museums receive more than 20 million visitors annually,

The beauty of the museums in Manhattan is that they host revolving series temporary exhibits and this means that there is always something different and new to enjoy.

Climb the Empire State Building and Enjoy a Bird’s Eye View of the City

Manhattan is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world but one towers over all of them-the Empire State Building. Purchase tickets to the 102nd or 86th floor observatories and you will enjoy some of the best views of New York City and its surrounding.

The building in itself is a marvel and everything about scaling the heights and enjoying the views is very romantic. It is not surprising that the building receives close to 2 million couples annually.

Manhattan is one of the liveliest cities in the United States and if you choose it to be your holiday destination, your romantic holiday will be unforgettable. Accommodation is relatively cheap in the city and the food, as we have come to expect from New York City, is fantastic and will leave you wanting more. Choose Manhattan for the best romantic holiday in the United States.

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