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4 Apps that Help You Manage Travel Expenses

Phone displaying apps Managing travel expenses is one of the most frustrating parts of corporate travel, both for the traveler and for the office admin who has to deal with it later. Fortunately, some app developers have released great products that help simplify this process and ensure that all standards are met for reimbursements and policy compliance. Here are a few of our favorites:


This is a free app that is perfect for frequent travelers. It covers everything from mileage to billable hours and even allows you to photograph receipts and store them with your expense reports in PDF format. For a free app, you’ll be amazed at how complete it is. The receipt tracking feature is also a nice bonus that some of the other apps left off.


BizXpenseTracker is a highly sophisticated app that is designed to give you a complete expense report that is worthy of a professional accountant. This app really shines when you need things broken down, categorized, and filed away perfectly. The app itself is only $7, but there are also some handy upgrades that you can add on like the auto mileage tracker for $.99, which means you never have to manually enter mileage again!

Zoho Expense

Zoho took a slightly different approach to expense reporting. By connecting your Zoho Expense account directly to your company credit card, it does you the favor of automatically uploading all of your spending data from a trip into a formal expense report. This cuts out much of the work on your end and makes sure you don’t miss any minor expenses along the way. There are both free and paid versions, but the free app is sufficient for individuals.


Abacus is less of an expense reporting app and more of a travel management app. It is specifically designed to improve compliance with corporate travel policies by reviewing all expense reports and flagging any questionable transactions. If you feel that you are spending an inordinate amount of time reviewing expense reports each month, this will cut down on wasted man hours and boost productivity all around.

With these four amazing apps, you can completely overhaul your travel expense workflow. Your traveling employees will be able to submit more accurate expense reports in less time, and you will be able to verify their reports against travel policy as well. The best part is that most of these apps are free and easy to learn.

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