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Don’t Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Avoid LaGuardia Citi Field Traffic

Aerial view of cars at Citi Field in traffic jamGridlocked traffic between LaGuardia Airport and Citi Field has become a point of contention among travelers and ball fans alike. The area is often congested during major travel holidays as well as nearly every weekend for sporting events, festivals and parades throughout most of the year. The good news is that you can often avoid traffic by planning ahead. 

Places to Avoid

When there’s a ball game going on, there are several areas around LaGuardia that are directly impacted. Travelers should avoid Grand Central Parkway, the Whitestone Expressway and Long Island Expressway. All of these major thoroughfares see an increase in traffic in the early afternoon before games begin, and late in the evenings as games are getting out on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Roosevelt Ave and Van Wyck Expressway are also subject to congestion. Finally, Sixth Ave has become a particularly troublesome area lately as well.

Avoid the Train

If you must travel in or out of LaGuardia during an event at CitiField, many people recommend avoiding the train station altogether. During large events, public transit schedules extra trains to the field to handle the influx of visitors. This means that the train station can be particularly rowdy and crowded from 2PM until 10PM on game days.

Use the Internet

NYC is home to many prolific characters, one of whom is Gridlock Sam. You can visit Gridlock Sam on Twitter or at his website. He was formerly NYC’s traffic commissioner, and today he spends his time updating people on traffic and events throughout the city. His Twitter feed provides plenty of warning for traffic around sporting events, as well as up to date info about accidents. If you’re unsure of which route to take, he will keep you informed.

Take A Ride with EZ Pass

Instead of trying to navigate your way through nightmarish traffic on your own, call a private transport company in advance. Ride services like Uber may seem convenient, but they lack a guarantee that your ride will arrive on time or have access to the city’s most useful transportation tools. A professional transport service will have an EZ Pass for getting around the city with limited stops. In addition, they will allow you to make a reservation and help you estimate your travel time based on the date and time of your flight. Their expertise is invaluable in getting you through the city on time.

When it comes to traveling through LaGuardia, check the traffic forecast for the weekend. Sporting events at Citi Field don’t have to make for a stressful day. Instead, you can depend on a professional transport service to know all the best ways through the city to get you where you need to be.

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