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Benefits Of Taking A Private Car Service To The Ball Game

Baseball game at Laguardia Citi FieldIt’s the time of the year when everyone dons their favorite ball cap and heads out to Citi Field and Yankee Stadium to revel in the joy of baseball. Unfortunately, even the most devout fans know that just getting to the field in the first place can be quite a headache. Instead of trying to battle your way through the traffic on your own, consider these four reasons to hire a ride service to get you there and back:

No Parking Fees

Parking at the ball field can be very expensive, and even after you’ve paid twenty, or even thirty, dollars for the privilege of parking your car, you are still likely to be parked so far away as to need a shuttle to get you to the main entrance. However, with a ride service you can be dropped off at the front door so you won’t have to walk or take a crowded shuttle, and you also won’t have to pay exorbitant parking fees.

Ride Sharing

Get the party started early by inviting all of your friends to share the ride to the game. This defrays the cost of the ride, and gives you and your buddies some tie to enjoy pre-game analysis on the way. Besides, it just doesn’t make sense to add to the traffic by driving separately and paying separate parking fees.

Arriving On Time

At both Citi Field and Yankee Stadium there are special lanes devised for drop off and pick up. So while the rest of the traffic is diverted off to the parking lots, you can save time by going straight to the drop off point. This could cut as much as thirty minutes off of your commute to the stadium up front!

The Post-Game Trip

Another benefit of hiring a driving service is the post-game trip back to your home. Perhaps you enjoyed the game a little too much and had one drink too many. Hiring a driver ensures that you make it home safe and sound without any risk to yourself or other drivers, especially with so much traffic trying to exit the game.

Once you’ve purchased your tickets for this season, start planning your commute right away. You can reserve drivers well in advance and get all your friends in on it to save time and money. That way you’ll never be faced with a last minute traffic jam or breakdown that keeps you away from the action.

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