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Best And Worst Airports For Delays In The Westchester & New York Area

Best And Worst Airports For Delays In The Westchester & New YorkNew York is home to some of the heaviest airport traffic in the world, along with some of the most unpredictable weather. At times this can result in unexpected airport delays which can throw off your plans for meeting a reserved limo or executive car. Here are the best and worst airports in the area based on their delays.

AVERAGE: La Guardia Airport in New York, NY

Sister airport to JFK, it is not uncommon to have flights rerouted to LGA or for LGA. As much as this may take some of the heat off of JFK, LGA is still your typically busy airport.

Congestion is still a big issue due to extensive construction detours.

Effective Jan 7, all for-hire cars are now required to stage off site at the World’s Fair Marina.  Construction is scheduled to be completed by 2021.

LGA tends to be the airport of choice for those flying domestically who don’t want to contend with international crowds, but it is a very small airport with few options if you wind up waiting on a plane.

Good: John F Kennedy International Airport in New York, NY

As an international airport, JFK handles some of the highest traffic coming into and out of the US every year. They also service a wide range of domestic flights as well. For the most part, they are able to keep delays to a minimum. However, a single delay at any one of their gates is known to set off a chain reaction of stressful delays for anxious passengers. Fortunately, New York has also invested heavily in infrastructure and resources to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Better: Newark International Airport in Newark, NJ

Newark International has won its positive reputation from travelers around the world. Not only is it cheaper and easier to fly into than either of the airports inside of New York City, it also offers faster access to Manhattan and more restaurants/amenities inside the terminals. Newark is usually on time or ahead of schedule, and just far enough out of town that you can escape some of the traffic.

Best: Westchester County Airport in White Fields, NY

Located about 30 miles north of New York City, the Westchester County Airport is a closely managed municipal airport. Strict limitations are placed on the number of gates that can be used at any one time, with limited exceptions during the holiday travel season. This allows the airport to stay on schedule throughout the year.

Ultimately, the airport you choose to fly into will likely depend on what your next destination is. If you are staying on the north side of town, Westchester and LGA are viable options. Those staying on the south side of town will likely prefer Newark and JFK.

At Teddy’s Limo we know that nobody enjoys unexpected airport delays. After all, airport delays are nearly always outside of our control. To assist our customers in managing delays, we monitor air traffic reports for all of our client’s flights. Your first hour of rental service is free, so we will wait for you. After than we charge by the quarter hour at the regularly posted price for the size of vehicle you have reserved. If your flight is going to be diverted, we use our industry-best cancellation policy to save you money and ensure that you have a ride at your new destination.

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