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Business Travelers and Ground Transportation Choices

shaking-handsA recent Ground Transportation study released this summer by the GBTA Foundation identified the most important factors business travelers consider when choosing ground transportation.

As you can imagine the 3 most important factors were:

  1. vehicle safety
  2. availability for a timely pickup
  3. convenience of payment methods

In fact, 75% of business travelers and 80% of travel buyers said these three factors are highly important.

Interestingly enough, though the study revealed that safety is an important concern for business travelers, awareness of specific aspects related to safety were not known to the vast majority of those surveyed with respect to ground transportation. For example, only about one third of business travelers were familiar with:

  • pre-employment driver certification
  • driver training requirements, and
  • regulations affecting different ground transportation options;

Furthermore, less than 25% of travel buyers are very familiar with these critical aspects of duty of care, though about one in four travel buyers say their companies do not allow business travelers to use so-called “ride-sharing” companies.

Finally, the study also found that a large number of companies still have not yet adopted policies with regards to “ride-sharing” options as a method of ground transportation.

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