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Cha-Ching! Here Are the Best Business Credit Cards for Travel in 2019

Business credit cardBusiness travelers have many opportunities to cash in on their trips using rewards cards. However, with so many credit cards offering rewards today, it’s hard to know which ones offer the best deals on cash back, free miles, and more.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite business credit cards for travelers in 2019, along with top perks you can take advantage of.

The AMEX Business Platinum Card

This card is geared toward those who travel often and want to enjoy a variety of perks along the way. Rather than offering you money back when you spend, it actually comes with a number of great features that you can use day-to-day such as free wi-fi in flight with their providers, hotel rewards and discounts, priority boarding, preferred customer lounges, TSA pre-check perks and more! All of these benefits are designed to make your travels more enjoyable at every turn.

Bank of America’s Business Advantage Travel Rewards World Card

With no annual fee, the BoA card is a great choice for many business travelers. In addition, it comes with zero interest for the first nine months and offers 1.5 points back on every dollar you spend! Bank of America also offers plenty of signing bonuses for new cardholders, including a 25,000 point bonus when you spend your first $1000 in the first six months. If you have big travel plans coming up, this is a great one to sign up for now and keep handy for all your future travels. Bank of America also has a user-friendly portal for booking travel which allows you to earn extra miles through their service.

Capital One Spark Miles

The Spark Miles card for businesses is a perfect way to earn sky miles for every dollar you spend. The current sign up bonus includes 50,000 miles when you spend $4500 in the first three months, and they will waive the annual fee. If you want to gather points to help you pay for future travels, you will be thrilled to see that Spark Miles gives you 2 miles for every dollar spent throughout the year. This card is versatile and affordable for any small business traveler.

These are the top three cards to help you make the most of your business travel this year. Decide between points, miles, or simple perks from AMEX and you can find just the right fit for your travel needs. The best part is that you can see major savings and sign up bonuses with these cards today!

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