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When Private Car Curbside Pickup Is a Good Idea

When Private Car Curbside Pickup Is a Good IdeaOne of the most convenient aspects of chauffeured car service after a flight is that the driver can meet you in the airport, such as in the baggage claim area or elsewhere in the terminal. With this service, called “baggage greet,” your chauffeur service begins before you even set foot in your private car or limousine. But there are times when curbside pickup is a good idea, such as when airport construction limits parking or otherwise complicates the departure process.

Baggage greet drawbacks in San Diego

This is happening at San Diego International Airport right now: The airport has closed its Terminal 2 parking lot for a two-year project. This closure affects all airlines except Southwest, Alaska and Frontier. As a result, passengers who fly into San Diego on other airlines and use chauffeured baggage greet services may spend much more time getting to their chauffeured vehicles, due to extremely limited parking.

Curbside chauffeured pickup: how it works

To ensure that your San Diego chauffeur service goes quickly and smoothly, consider asking for curbside pickup when scheduling an airport pickup in San Diego. When you’re curbside with your luggage, just call or text your driver with your airport zone number and anything distinctive about your appearance (perhaps the color of your jacket). In San Diego, green zone signs are located at the curb, approximately 100 feet apart.  Zones A through J are in Terminal 1, while zones K through Y are in Terminal 2. Your vehicle should be there to pick you in 3-5 minutes.

This approach can get you moving faster and eliminate parking fees. Just remember that you must already have retrieved your checked bags for the vehicle to legally stop at the curb to pick you up.

What to expect from a quality private car service

When you or your corporate travel coordinator are booking a private car, the chauffeur service should always communicate location-specific issues such as airport construction that could affect your travel plans and potentially save you time and effort. They should also offer solutions. If they don’t provide this information, then you may be getting a lower level of service than you’re paying for. At Teddy’s Transportation Service, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make our passengers’ travel experience as smooth as possible — and we’re committed to communicating relevant knowledge to our customers.

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