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Connecticut to JFK: Should I Drive Myself or Book a Car Service?


Age-old question: Ride or drive

Consider this…

The cost of driving your car.

AAA reports that it costs 60.8 cents per mile to drive your car, which includes the cost of gas and wear and tear on your car, Simply multiply the number of miles from your home to JFK by 60.8 to determine the true cost of driving. Also, add the tolls, which are factored into the cost of a car service.

Long Term Parking

Long-term parking at the airport or off-site parking sites is expensive. In addition, you will have to take additional transportation, such as a shuttle bus or monorail, to the terminal, adding to time spent going to and from the airport. Remember: Time is money.

Nature’s elements.

Once you return from your trip, will your car be buried under a foot of snow or perhaps too hot to enter because of summer’s sun? Hire a car service and no shovels needed or lots of minutes airing the car out.

Connecticut to JFK – Which way to the airport?

A car service does not need directions, which can be unusually complicated between your home and busy JFK.

What about traffic?

Wall-to-wall cars clogging the roads or construction delays are always an issue, especially between Fairfield and Westchester counties and JFK. Experienced car-service drivers know their way around, and can easily maneuver on side streets, avoiding traffic jams. If you ever tried finding your way on side streets using a GPS, you’ll discover it’s easy to go around in circles in Queens, NY.

Delayed or early arrival flights.

Our drivers use state-of-the-art technology to know if your flight is delayed – coming and going, or if it is landing early. Either way, a car service will get you to the airport on time, or be there waiting if your plane is early.

Lugging your bags.

Our professionally-trained chauffeurs load and unload your luggage, which keeps the strain off your back and shoulders.

Who drives?

Professional chauffeurs! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Read a book. Talk to your family and friends. Close your eyes and catch a cat nap.

Call Teddy’s Transportation today at 203-831-4108 for more information on how we can make your next trip to and from JFK extraordinary.

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