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Tips For Planning Your Company’s Next Corporate Event

Business eventAs a Connecticut and New York-area transportation services company, we’ve seen a lot of corporate events over the years. Some went perfectly while others could have been improved. Whether your upcoming corporate event is small or large, there are a few tips that can make the difference between a good event and an exceptional one. Here are a few pieces of wisdom we’ve picked up over the years.

Decide on the Goal of Your Event

Once you’ve identified a theme or goal for your event, you’ll find that a lot of the other details fall into place. Think about what you’re trying to accomplish: Is it a product launch? A teambuilding event? An industry networking event? Lead generation? If you can picture the intended atmosphere and mood, you’re well on your way to setting the tone for the entire event.

Know Your Attendees

When planning meetings, special events and meals, it’s important to understand exactly who your guests are. Will the attendees be employees, clients, prospects or a mix? What’s the ratio of male to female attendees? Will there be attendees with dietary restrictions? Perhaps most important, what will your attendees expect from the event? Is the goal of your attendees the same goal as the one you have identified?

Start Planning Now

As soon as you’re able, start making appointments to view locations and meet with vendors and caterers. If you’re hoping for a specific venue, be sure you make your deposit and book it well ahead of time. If advertising is needed, consider the best ways to reach your target audience, including social media. And remember to get your invitations out well ahead of time and to send reminders as the event date gets closer.

Set a Realistic Budget

Attendees can tell when a corporate event planner has cut corners. Knowing your budget will help you spend your money more effectively. When in doubt, use common sense: Consider your attendees to make sure you don’t spend too much or too little on your corporate gathering. Also, remember to budget for unplanned or last-minute costs.

Plan Your Ground Transportation

It may seem like an afterthought, but an otherwise well-planned event can be derailed by poorly managed transportation. Hiring an experienced group transportation services company can help this aspect of your event to go smoothly. It can even help set the tone for an entire occasion. At Teddy’s we know the importance of providing professional service and efficiency, and our fleet includes a variety of vehicles to suit all ground transportation needs. Our goal is to provide comfort, safety and efficiency while making sure that your attendees travel in style.

As experienced logistical experts for both small and large corporate events, Teddy’s can handle your transportation needs and help your event to be a complete success.

About Teddy’s

Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, Teddy’s Transportation System provides professionally managed, dependable transportation services in Fairfield and Westchester Counties and the New York metropolitan area. We also manage corporate transportation programs on a 24/7/365 basis for clients who utilize online booking, telephone reservations and reservations via travel agencies. Our network of vetted suppliers can provide transportation support at more than 300 destinations around the world. For more information on Teddy’s, go to www.teddyslimousine.com or call 800-888-3339.

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