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Do You Know Who You’re Driving With?

A white gloved hand of a uniformed doorman / chauffeur opening / closing a black car door.Before you book your next chauffeur, when was the last time you asked for a reference or any safety information before you signed for the reservation? Most clients trust that their limo service has already done the work of background checking and safety testing their employees, but that’s not always the case.

Driver Requirements

Professional drivers must pass several tests before they can begin working. First and foremost, they must receive a medical card indicating that they have gone through an industry standard physical. A survey of candidates reveals that nearly 75% of them do not hold a current medical card, despite the fact that they are currently driving for another company. This can happen if a company fails to do annual checks on their drivers to ensure ongoing compliance, not just compliance at the time of hiring.

Driver Skills

Another important matter you should be concerned about is how your driver handles stressful situations. Driving in New York can be very stressful at times. With high levels of traffic in and around airports, and other major event centers, you want to feel confident that your driver knows how to manage stress and get you to your destination safely. A recent survey of managers at our company revealed that many limo companies don’t even bother to do a reference check when they hire a new employee. Thus, they never learn if the employee has a history of making bad decisions under stress or driving recklessly.

What You Need to Know

At Teddy’s, we make a point of getting to know all of our drivers before we put them behind the wheel. We conduct thorough background and employment checks before we hire to ensure all of our drivers are safe and reliable. We also do our part to ensure all of our drivers stay in compliance with medical requirements while they are in our employ. We also look for other qualities including charisma, customer service experience, and professionalism to deliver a world class experience every single time.

The next time you prepare to hire a limo, ask your limo company about their vetting process and their driver records. If they are unable to answer your questions, keep looking. You have a right to know who you are driving with before you get into the car. Look for the company that has a track record of properly and diligently researching their drivers before they hit the road.

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