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Where to Eat at Laguardia Airport

As travelers have become more vocal about the perils of traveling through some of the busiest airports in the nation, airports have taken notice and avidly worked to improve the quality of food and amenities available. LaGuardia in particular has seen a significant increase in the number of quality restaurants for those passing through. Here are a few of our favorites:


A great place to sample some incredible craft brews while waiting for your next flight, Biergarten also serves a variety of German dishes and sandwiches. Plus there are five different sausages to try before you fly! Don’t be surprised to find a little bit of a wait getting in because this has become the de facto chilling spot for the whole airport, but the wait is definitely worth your while.


This classy bistro was tucked right into Terminal D during the major renovations a few years back. Bisoux kindly makes all of their dishes to go so you can enjoy great eats without having to worry about missing your flight out.


If you’re looking for something quick and simple, Cotto offers some delicious pizza options as well as some lighter weight fare. Paninis and antipasta are available to tide you over until your next stop.

Custom Burgers by Pat Frieda

You’ve never experienced a burger quite like this before. This custom blend of meats and spices has earned plenty of accolades in the culinary world. Dress yours up with whatever toppings you like and experience world class dining on a bun. Of course, no burger would be complete without an ultra creamy milkshake!

Six Blocks Bakery

If you’re traveling early in the day or you simply want something a little on the sweeter side, Six Blocks Bakery is just the ticket. These delicious pastries come from the famous Balthazar in New York City. Fluffy croissants and plenty of other baked goods are available to give you a boost of energy.

These are just a handful of the most notable dining options in Laguardia Airport today. No matter what kind of food you prefer, this airport has done an exceptional job of expanding their options and adding a number of upper class restaurants. You definitely won’t have to deal with just fast food and junk food while you wait. Instead LaGuardia learned to take advantage of the world class chefs that reside right out side their doors by bringing them inside.

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