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Fastest, Easiest and Safest Ways to Get to an International Airport from Eastern Connecticut

Flight taking off from international airport Residents of eastern Connecticut have access to five different international airports in the region, including LaGuardia, JFK, Newark, Boston Logan, and Bradley. Each of these airports services different routes and hosts a range of different airlines to choose from.

Newark, JFK and Boston Logan are distinguished as offering flights to all continents except Antarctica and Australia. Meanwhile, LaGuardia and Bradley focus their services on Europe and South America, while offering limited flights to Australia.

If you’re preparing for international travel for yourself or your family, you need to know the fastest, easiest and safest way to get to your departure airport.


Thanks to the size and demand of New England’s major airports, there are shuttle services that will take you just about anywhere you go. This option might be convenient for some, but it is often difficult if you have car seats for your children or if you need flexibility in your travel schedule beyond the regular shuttle departure times. You may also find that the cost of a shuttle is higher than you would expect. Fortunately, you can purchase tickets for shuttles in advance so all you have to do is show up and ride. Their staff can help you with car seats, strollers and luggage as well.

Public Transportation

Depending on which airport you are headed to, public transportation may actually be the fastest and most cost-effective way to get there. Several of these international airports have trains or subways that take you directly to the terminals. For instance, residents of Connecticut can catch the airport train directly to Bradley International, which stops several times between Hartford and the airport. For those flying out of New York or Newark, you can catch the Amtrak directly to Newark, or you can ride the train up to Grand Central Station and then take a bus to either LGA or JFK. Most routes require only a single transfer, and tickets are affordable. Finally, you can take the train straight from New Haven, CT to Boston Logan, although this route is longer.

Private Car Service

By far the most straightforward way to get to the airport of your choice is with the help of a private car service. These transportation experts allow you to customize your ride to your schedule and needs. This means having a bigger car for your extra luggage and car seats and being picked up at a time and location that are easy for you. In addition, private car services will take you directly to the airport, avoiding most traffic, and they won’t bog you down with extra stops and transfers. Plus, private car service might actually cost you less than shuttle or train tickets for the whole family.

No matter where you are traveling to from eastern Connecticut, there are plenty of ways to get there. Finding the fastest route to the airport will likely depend on which of the five international airports you are leaving from, and how many bags and people are flying with you. For the simplest and fastest route to the airport, it is always best to eliminate extra steps by booking a private car to pick you up at your front door and drop you off right at your gate.

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