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Holiday Travel Planning Tips for Your Family

A view outside a plane window during holiday travelThe holidays are always the most popular time of year to travel, but all the extra people at the airport also means lots of extra stress. If you’re trying to plan your holiday travel, now is the time to start getting things in order to make your time away as smooth as possible. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Book Your Flights Early

The longer you wait to book flights, the more you are going to pay, and the harder it will be to find seats together if you are traveling in a large group. Traveling early in the day and during the first part of the week can help alleviate some of the complications and open up more options as these flights tend to be less crowded. You may also want to look at alternative airports. LGA and JFK are sure to be crowded, but there are a number of smaller airports in the area that might offer low-cost direct flights. Remember that layovers can also derail your plans if you get caught in a storm, so direct flights are always best.

Plan for Extra Time in Security

While the standard recommendation is to arrive at the airport with a minimum of two hours for security, you should definitely add some extra time for unexpected delays. The sheer number of people traveling means that these delays are largely unavoidable. Even with the latest scanning technology, there are only so many TSA agents working at one time.

Think About Gifts

Perhaps the hardest part of traveling for the holidays is managing all of your gifts. Ideally, you should ship gifts in advance so that they will be at your destination long before you arrive. Carrying gifts on your flight always adds some difficulty because of airline rules about what can be carried on and what can be checked. You also don’t want to carry a ton of valuables with you when they could be stolen or lost in the system.

You only have a few weeks left to get your travel plans solidified before you need to begin packing. Make sure you get your gifts shipped in advance and print your boarding passes before you head to the airport to minimize your stops. The more organized you are before you travel date, the easier it will be to walk straight through security and board your flight so you can really relax.

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