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How to Choose the Best Family-Friendly Airport Transportation?

Family looking out of the window at the airportIf you’re hoping to find family-friendly transportation to and from the airport, you could be in for a scavenger hunt. Depending on the age of your children, there is a range of different services that you will want to look into before you book a car. Here are some tips for choosing family airport transportation that will make your trip simple and straightforward.

Car Seat Service

Car seats are a number one priority for any family traveling with young kids. While the law states that private drivers are required to let you install your own car seat, the fact remains that car seats are bulky and difficult to travel with. Taking time to install and uninstall them at each stop can take longer than the trip itself. Instead, look for a private car service that offers car seats as part of the package. They will send out a car that has appropriate seats already in place for your kids so you can load up and go straight to JFK or LGA in no time.

Vehicle Types

Another important factor you should consider is the types of vehicles available. Family airport transportation services typically feature SUVs and minivans instead of just sedans and limos. This will make the ride more comfortable for everyone, and ensure that there is plenty of room for luggage in the back. Plus, it ensures that everyone has ample room to sit comfortably without a car seat digging into your side.

Group Rates

Finally, you should always ask about group transport rates. Some family airport transportation companies allow for rate pooling so you can split the cost of the ride with other riders if there is enough room. Most companies that offer car seat service do charge a small fee for the use of their seats, so you should look for any other savings you can get on your ride. Naturally, most services charge the same for kids as adults because the seats take up the same amount of space as an adult, but a group or family rate may offer a small discount.

Before you make a reservation with any car service, make sure you ask about their family-friendly policies. The demand for these services has grown rapidly, and now more companies are getting on board by making family travel easier than ever. The best family transport services have put together simple packages for getting you and the kids anywhere you need to go.

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