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How to Get to Madison Square Garden from Connecticut

How to get to Madison Square Garden from ConnecticutVisiting Madison Square Garden in New York City for a sporting event or concert is a truly incredible experience. The world-class, world-famous venue is renowned for its acoustics and for not having a single bad seat in the house. However, your big night out can quickly turn to a headache when considering how to get to the venue quickly and efficiently. If you’re traveling to Madison Square Garden from Connecticut, you have a few different options, some of them being faster and less of a hassle than others.

Transportation Option #1: Driving

Depending on where you’re coming from in Connecticut, it will take you anywhere from a little over an hour to over two hours to drive from Connecticut to Madison Square Garden.

You may initially prefer driving given the venue’s proximity. However, it’s important to remember that, once you get to Madison Square Garden, you’ll need to find parking.

Since the Garden does not offer its own designated parking lot or garage, you’ll want to use ParkWhiz, Madison Square Garden’s official parking app, to find a spot in the area. ParkWhiz parking spots are usually between $30 and $60 and can be a block away from the Garden, but are sometimes much further away.

Additionally, driving comes with its own set of headaches, such as traffic, stressful driving conditions and the need for a designated driver.

Transportation Option #2: Public Transportation

On the overall more affordable side, you can take a bus from Connecticut to Madison Square Garden. Buses run from popular destinations in Connecticut such as Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford. The bus ride can take anywhere from one and a half hours to three hours and the ride often costs approximately $20 per person depending on where you’re coming from.

Train service to Madison Square Garden is available via the Metro-North Railroad and Amtrak. Train ride times and costs vary, but the experience is not much better than what you would find on a bus ride from Connecticut to Madison Square Garden in terms of price and comfort.

Since Madison Square Garden is located right above Penn Station, if you take a train ride that ends at Penn Station, you will have this added convenience of being dropped off right at the venue. If your train takes you to Grand Central, however, you’ll need to take an additional train from Grand Central to Times Square and then transfer to 34th Street and Penn Station.

Transportation Option #3: Private Car Service

You can enjoy the best of all worlds — convenience, comfort, speed and price — when you book private transportation between Madison Square Garden and your Connecticut business or home. Take a chauffeur-driven vehicle suitable for your group’s size from door to door, with no need to find parking, designate a sober driver or cram onto public transportation. Teddy’s serves clients all across the New York and Connecticut regions, offering a level of excellence you just won’t find with other transportation providers. Request a quote for your next trip today.

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