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Important Tips for Corporate Transportation Executive Assistants

Business man with shoes and a tie getting ready for corporate travelIf you are new to the world of corporate transportation, you probably have a lot of questions. The problem is that each executive on your team likely has their own preferences for travel. Add to that the various company policies that you must comply with, and changing travel regulations, it can be difficult to nail down the perfect itinerary. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Create a Checklist for Yourself

The worst thing you can do when planning executive travel is to forget something major. There are a number of checklists available online to give you an idea of what information you need to gather before you begin booking. If you follow the same checklist every time you plan a trip, you can avoid missing any of the fine details. Part of your checklist should also gathering relevant information from the executives so you won’t have to ask them for their middle name, or other random information at intervals. Having everything in one place will make your job easier.

Format Your Itinerary Wisely

Once all the booking details are settled, you need to present the information to your traveling executive. They are busy, and don’t want to sift through separate emails and pages of printouts to get the information they need. Instead, create a one-page template that has all the pertinent details and fill it in for them. Use the same format every single time they travel to build a sense of consistency and dependability.

Know Your Budget

Travel budgets are one of the most contentious topics for corporate transportation executive assistants. You can save yourself a lot of headaches if you know your budget well in advance and stay mindful of it throughout your planning phase. If you are unsure, you should ask or look at previous trips to determine what a normal budget looked like.

Learn Preferences

While you’re looking back at previous trips, now is a good time to learn about your executive’s preferences. Everything from preferred hotels to preferred seating on the plane can help you put together the perfect travel plan.

Set Up Reminders

Go above and beyond with your plans by setting up automated reminders as the travel date approaches. Send a reminder to check in for the flight 24 hours in advance, or remind them what time the car will be picking them up for their flight. These helpful reminders are unobtrusive and ensure that your plan works out the way you intended.

With these quick tips, you can be on your way to successfully creating itineraries that meet the needs of your executive team and stay on budget. The faster you standardize your planning forms, the easier it will be for your team to stay on track no matter what the destination.

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