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LaGuardia Airport Construction Update

Delta plane at LaGuardia airportNow that we are well into 2018, it appears that LaGuardia’s overhaul is finally crossing some major milestones. The renovations on Terminal B and the addition of a new central building was a huge undertaking to the tune of $8 billion, but travelers can look forward to a vastly improved airport experience once the work is done. Here are a few updates on the progress thus far:

Terminal B Framing Complete

At the end of March this year, LaGuardia announced that all of the steel framings of the new Terminal B had been completed. Since then, the exterior walls have been slowly put into place and interior work has been ongoing. Progress has been steady, and the new headhouse building is slated to open in late 2019 or early 2020. The new Concourse B will open this year, and some airlines have already begun moving over to take advantage of the 35 new gates. If you remember when this project began in 2016, some airlines had already shuffled around to accommodate the construction, but there will be another shuffling once everything is open and ready for passengers.

More Parking

If you haven’t been to LaGuardia recently, you’ll be pleased to discover that the new parking garage for Terminal B has already opened. This expansive new parking area makes it easier for passengers to park for short or long term. It also alleviates some of the traffic in the other parking areas. With this space open you won’t have to walk quite as far with your luggage to get checked in.

What’s Next

Once the new Central Terminal B building is completed, the next phase of the project will be to connect the terminals with walkways. So far, construction is on track to have these new walkways open in 2020, which will ease the stress of connecting flights and help people move through the airport more easily. The first walkways will connect Terminal B central with concourse B. The second walkway to Concourse A will follow. Finally, in 2022, connections will be made to the train station for seamless transitions between local public transport to the airport.

So far there have been few major delays or setbacks in the construction. Already, key aspects of the expansion are going live and improving the travel experience overall such as the parking garage and the new concourse. You can look forward to more major announcements in coming months as they head into phase two of the project.

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