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Newark Airport Long Term Parking Options

Business people walking around long term airport parking lotIf you’re planning on parking at Newark Airport for more than a few days, you may want to reconsider. Depending on where you leave your car, you could end up paying a small fortune in parking fees by the end of your trip. In fact, the parking fees in some lots are so outrageous, you’re better off hiring a driving service to get you to the airport instead!

“Economy” Lots

For most economy lots within 4 miles of the airport, you can expect to spend between $8-12 a day to leave your car. This may not seem like much, but in reality these lots come with few assurances that your car will be safe. If you are considering a discount lot, you need to make sure that they have things like 24 hour security and airport shuttles available to take you the rest of the way. At an average of $10 a day, you’re looking at $70 for the week, and maybe more if they won’t pro-rate partial days for drop off and pick up, plus you could be adding an hour or more to your drive time while you wait for a shuttle.

“Premium” Newark Airport Long Term Parking

If you want to park closer to the airport, and you want to be sure that your car is well guarded while you’re away, you may be in for some sticker shock! The premium parking lots closest to the airport charge as much as $18 per day to leave your car. Some of these lots do pro-rate for partial days, but others do not. Make sure you know what you’re agreeing to when you park here, because you could wind up spending around $130 for a week of parking. These lots may or may not have trolleys or shuttles available to take you up to the airport entrance, which means you could be hauling your luggage for a ways before you even get inside.

When to Hire a Driver

If you plan on being away from home for more than four or five days, it’s time to start considering hiring a driver to take you to the airport instead. This will save you money on the parking fees at the airport. It will also save you commute time from having to transition to a shuttle. Your driver will bring you straight to the front entrance and you can leave your car at home where it will be safe and sound.

Flying out of Newark can be a challenge. Don’t make your trip more expensive or stressful than it needs to be. Do your research ahead of time so you can find the best rates on Newark airport long term parking, or reserve a car service in advance to get you there if the parking fees are too high. The longer you plan on being away from home, the more sense it makes to have a driver bring you to and from the airport.

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