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Parking at LaGuardia Airport During Construction

Parking at Laguardia Airport during constructionIf you’re from New York you have surely heard all about the construction at LaGuardia and the problems it is causing for unsuspecting travelers. When construction is complete, there will be two parking garages offering 3900 secure parking spots at the airport. Until then things are a little more complicated with only one lot available on site.

Here’s what you need to know before you leave home for the airport:

The East Lot

So far, the east parking garage has been completed. Unfortunately, the east garage is the smaller of the two, only offering 1100 parking spaces. Travelers can go online and reserve parking spaces in this lot at a rate of $18/day during the week and $20/day on weekends. Many of the parking spaces are very close to the airport entrance, so you can walk in, but there are shuttles available from the farthest corners of the lot.

If you do choose to park at the airport, be sure to reserve your spot online ahead of time, otherwise you could spend a lot of time driving in circles looking for a space. Keep in mind that the route to the east lot is a bit confusing during construction so you should watch carefully for signs pointing you in the right direction to avoid getting lost amid the road cones and construction barriers.

Third Party Parking

In addition to the east parking garage, there are also a number of third party parking lots outside of the airport. Rates vary depending on how far you are from the airport itself, but shuttles are available to carry you and your luggage to the terminal. The quality of these lots also varies greatly, with some having full time security and lighting, and others being mostly unmanned. You should do your due diligence before you park to assure your vehicle will be safe while you’re away.

Over the course of the next three years the west parking garage will be opened, and parking at the airport will be significantly easier. In the mean time, make sure to pay attention to the construction signs and give yourself extra drive time. There are people coming and going from LaGuardia at all times, but parking can be especially hairy during the afternoon hours. There is typically less competition for spaces if you park in a third party lot, but this means extra time waiting on a shuttle and may leave your vehicle vulnerable depending on their security policies.

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