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Why You Should Start Planning Now For New Years Eve in The City

New Year's Eve in New York CityNew York City has become the focal point of New Year’s Eve parties across the nation. The event has become so large in Time’s Square that millions of people take to the streets every year, sometimes traveling all the way across the US to participate. There’s music and food and plenty of other entertainment going on as well.

If you want to make the most of the holiday, you need to start planning sooner rather than later. 

Make Your Dinner Reservation Early

If you want to beat the crowds, plan on having dinner earlier in the evening somewhere close to Time’s Square. There will be long waits without reservations, and you can expect meals to a little longer in general. Plus, if you’re already downtown for dinner, you won’t have to fight traffic coming in for the ball drop later in the evening with peak pricing on Uber and overstuffed taxis.

Decide On a Show

Some of the biggest musical acts of the year will be performing in NYC. You can count on packed trains and long lines if you want to be close to the stage. The best thing you can do is decide which show you want to see and how close you want to get. Then you can take a private car that can drop you off close to your destination.

Prepare for the Ball Drop

While the music and entertainment generally continue right up until minutes before the ball drops, the truth is that you could be standing out in the cold for several hours. If you plan on bringing blankets, snacks or other bulky items to keep yourself warm and comfortable while you wait, you should definitely consider reserving private transport in advance. Transporting all of that extra stuff can be tough on a train, and taxis are sure to cost an arm and a leg.

Whatever you plan on doing in the city this New Year’s, make sure that you have all your plans in order well in advance. Things are already starting to get booked up, so you should be making reservations for dinner, transportation, and a show before Christmas arrives to give yourself plenty of time. Otherwise, you could be left with long lines and lots of walking if you want to get through the crowds during the main event.

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