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Summer Travel Series: The Best Way From CT To JFK With Kids

This is the fourth in our Summer Travel Series…

Family travelling to the airport with childrenIf you have plans to travel to or from Connecticut this summer, it’s likely that you’ll be going through JFK airport. If you’re traveling with kids, the just getting to and from the airport can be a challenge unto itself. Here is a quick guide to getting from CT to JFK as quickly and easily as possible.

Take the Shuttle

Due to the close proximity of Connecticut to JFK, it is generally accepted that anyone flying out of CT will head to JFK first. As such, there are numerous shuttles that will pick you up and take you back whether you are in Stamford, Hartford or one of the outlying cities. This can be pretty cost effective, but it may be crowded depending on the time of day you are traveling and how many strollers or car seats you are lugging along.

Hire a Car Service

A car service tends to be a more effective way to get to and from JFK with ease. Since you can order a car to pick you up at a specific time, you have more control over your schedule this way. In general, the cost of a car service will probably be comparable to what you would pay for individual tickets for your whole family on the shuttle. In fact, a car service will likely be less than hiring a taxi because of state and local laws affecting cab fares across state lines.

Take a Train

If you are coming from Hartford, CT, one of the best ways to make this journey is with the help of the train. In Hartford you can take the Amtrak to Penn Station. Then you can hop on a train from Penn Station straight to JFK. It is a fun trip, but can be more challenging if your children are young since you’ll have to make a switch.

These are the three best ways that people use to get from JFK to Connecticut during the summer. Both the train and the shuttle are affordable, and offer a direct route to the airport. However, hiring a car service to get you there gives you a little bit more flexibility and ensures that you have plenty of room for your whole family any all of your luggage at once. Plus, the car service and the shuttle can drop you off right at the front door so you can check in and be on your way in no time.

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