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Teddy’s Next Generation Car Service App Is Coming Soon!

New car service app release in 2018 - woman holding smartphone browsing appsEnjoy executive ground travel management seemlessly across devices – and see your driver’s location on your device!

(Since the publication of this blog entry, the new apps have been added to your app store. Click here for direct links.)

Teddy’s keeps ahead of the curve so you can too. Our new app will allow you and your colleagues to manage corporate booking better than ever before. This app is designed with customers in mind to simplify your reservations and keep you productive. 

Teddy’s Limo Service is scheduled to launch their new livery reservations and dispatch platform, powered by SantaCruz, in the first quarter of 2018. Chiefly this brings a more robust, responsive and easier desktop and mobile device booking app as well as the ability to see your driver’s location from your device.

The new Teddy’s app will bring you first-tier safety and service in many cities throughout the country and a few in Europe – usually at a better fare!

Improved Booking

Booking private transportation with the help of digital booking tools can automate your reservations with just a few clicks. This system allows you to place a reservation via the web, mobile app or a digital telephone system, or through many of the third party booking systems available.

Teddy’s next-gen platform is also seamlessly integrated with Concur’s corporate self-booking tool and Saturn the travel agency GDS car-service overlay.

More Information At Your Fingertips

The real magic happens once your reservation is placed. You will receive mobile alerts or text messages directly to your phone to notify you of the status of your reservation and confirm your date and time. You will have the ability to interact with the booking system through the app or through text message so you won’t have to sit on a phone call during busy working hours.

Smoother Travel Days

Your Teddy’s car is always, simply, at your pickup location ten minutes ahead schedule. But if you are ever wondering, or have a last-minute ‘how soon’ booking… or just don’t see him on the corner where you are standing, the new app will show you his location and progress. This gives you more time to focus on packing or to relax before your big flight. You will receive contact information to help you get in touch with your driver just in case, and an alert when they are pulling into your driveway.

Corporate travel is hard. But the ground component, with modern mobile tools, will continue to be the part you actually look forward to; where you can truly relax and make the most of your down time. we can offer a better travel experience and up to the minute updates on your driver’s location so you will never be left in the dark. This reduces worry and stress and allows you to make the most of your travel time. Just as importantly, it makes payment simple so you don’t have to carry around receipts or swipe credit cards.

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