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TSA Guidelines Update: New Tech Allows Laptops to Remain in Luggage

New TSA guidelines and update on laptops being stored in luggageHeaded to the airport on a business or leisure trip soon? Your time going through security might be a little bit easier in the coming months and years. The Transportation Security Administration announced that it has plans to install new X-ray scanners across all U.S. airports that will allow travelers to leave their laptops inside their luggage when going through a security checkpoint. Yes, that means no more digging through your carry-on for your laptop, while simultaneously taking off your shoes and belt, dropping everything into their own individual gray bins, while a line of unhappy travelers waits impatiently behind you.

Why the big change?

Apparently, the existing baggage scanners for your carry-on luggage only give TSA agents a two-dimensional look at your luggage contents. The new scanners, however, render a 3-D version of your belongings, so that TSA agents can more readily pick out what is or isn’t a piece of technology, like a tablet or a laptop. Plus, the new scanners should also be able to better detect potential explosives and other weaponry.

If you’ve flown out of JFK or LAX recently, you could’ve actually encountered the new scanners, as these busy airport hubs were chosen as pilot sites for the new tech. TSA has not yet said which airports will be getting the scanners first, but unfortunately it could take up to eight years for the scanners to make their way into every single U.S. airport. (The current estimation is that the technology will be in approximately 100 U.S. airports by the end of 2019.)

The potential future feature of these new scanners may make them even more worth the wait for some busy travelers. The TSA says that, eventually, the scanners will make it possible for you to leave your liquids inside your luggage as well, making your trip through security checkpoints even easier. While that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to bring larger liquid items in your carry-on bag, at least you won’t have to worry about separating them all into a clear bag.

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