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Wheelchair Access For Livery Pickups At LaGuardia’s Terminal B

an in wheelchair at airportTeddy’s recently had a question come in regarding handicap wheelchair access for livery pickups at LaGuardia’s Terminal B. One of our Clients was asking about how this works with the new off-site pickups, as his wife was in a personal wheelchair.

The quick answer is this: “All of our Green Route shuttle buses that take passengers to the car service pick-up area are ADA accessible. All of our bus drivers are trained to position the bus and deploy the ramp safely and/or operate the kneeling feature” according to Michelle Delgado, a Supervisor at the Port Authority at LaGuardia.

The back story is this: Ground-side congestion, during long-term construction, has eliminated all but a few airport parking spots and has caused the Port Authority to ban daytime car service pickups, curbside at Terminal B. Terminal B services all LGA airlines except Delta.

Accordingly, for a short but undetermined amount of time, as of this May 30 writing:
All passengers arriving into Terminal B must take the Green Route shuttle bus to the livery & app-cab greeting area just west of the terminal.

  • Find the shuttle buses outside of door 11B on the Terminal B lower level.
  • After 10PM, and until 6AM, car services are allowed to pick you up at the terminal.
  • Construction is slated to end in the year 2021 but we expect many changes to logistics between now and then.
  • Chauffeurs found in violation of these rules are subject to a fine and points against their professional license

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