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5 Corporate Travel Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019

Corporare travel woman in private carAs we wrap up the first quarter of 2019, it’s time to check in with this year’s biggest corporate travel trends. This year is shaping up to be a big year for corporate travelers, and many new technologies are changing the way companies book and plan their travel. Here’s what we expect to see going forward: 

More Flexibility

Thanks to the huge variety of travel apps now available, it’s no surprise that we are seeing a big change in the way we schedule travel time and book rooms. AirBnB has opened up a wealth of opportunities for corporate travelers to stay just about anywhere in their destination city and find a cost-friendly option. Furthermore, travelers are taking advantage of this flexibility to see more of the world around them while they’re on the go! Many new travel-friendly apps direct users to local restaurants, sightseeing opportunities, and other attractions so they can make the most of their time away from home.

Rewards and Bonuses

In the past, companies struggled to keep their travelers from going overboard with their travel budgets. However, this habit of sticking it to the man is no match for a little bit of positive reinforcement. When push comes to shove, corporate travelers are more than willing to book a cheaper room if their company throws in a gift card or some other monetary bonus to sweeten the deal. This is one of the biggest corporate travel trends that we’ve been keeping an eye on as various companies experiment with different types of rewards.

Subscription-Based Travel

One of the latest corporate travel trends is a switch to subscription-based travel services. For a flat monthly fee, travelers can book a set number of flights each month anywhere they need to go. This is both a cost-saving measure and a convenience feature that allows you to book all of your flights through a single source and get guaranteed service from a company you trust. If you’re looking for ways to take the guesswork out of booking, this is the way to go. We can expect more of these services to pop up as a viable replacement for older loyalty rewards programs.

Automated Expense Tracking

With so many changes happening in tax law, companies need to be more proactive than ever before about keeping their files in order. Thanks to smartphones, we now have a simple way to upload and track expenses in real time. Many expense tracking apps also allow you to categorize and label expenses, as well as giving you a handy report for filing at the end of the year.

Corporate travel trends are evolving at the rate of new technology. With a major focus on efficiency and flexibility, we are also gaining the benefit of many cost-friendly options. The more companies reinforce these choices with their employees, the more time and money they save on every trip.

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