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Airport Travel: Best Airports in the US

Man sitting in airport awaiting travelWhen it comes to building a great airport, there are several key ingredients required. Everything from security to restroom cleanliness needs to be considered when ranking the best airports in the US. Fortunately, travelers are more than willing to share their opinions and provide feedback on their experiences. Here are the best airports in the US according to those who have been on the inside:

Miami International Airport

MIA is less of an airport and more of a city unto itself. It is a central hub for freight and business travel, as well as one of the busiest airports for travel to such illustrious destinations as the Caribbean islands. The airport itself has added a number of luxury amenities in recent years, as well as expanding over and over to accommodate more than 100 airlines. There is plenty of shopping and tons of restaurants of all kinds, including international cuisine. Plus, the views from the grand windows are quite amazing.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

This airport is about as unique as the cities it resides in. The airport itself is actually located just outside of town, but it takes only minutes to reach via the light rail. Given its proximity to other attractions, like the Mall of America, the light rail is one of the most prized developments at this airport because you can easily come and go while you wait. While this airport is on the smaller side compared to Miami or Atlanta, it still handles plenty of international travel and provides a very low-stress travel environment.

Denver International Airport

DIA, home to a host of wild conspiracy theories, also happens to be one of the most efficient and effective airports in the world. Using automation technologies and infrastructure updates, DIA is able to serve nearly 60 million travelers each year with domestic and international flights. It serves a particularly important role in travel because of its central location in the US. There is no shortage of entertainment while you’re here, and the city has invested heavily in artwork that makes for a beautiful stop along your travels.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

While ATL may be the busiest airport in the world, there is something to be said about the meticulous management and efficiency of the teams keeping things running. All of the traffic through this airport necessitates a modern and ever-evolving approach to air travel, and you can really feel the difference as you walk down the long corridors and pass the multitude of vendors.

Las Angeles International Airport

LAX is the shining star of the west coast. It is actively competing with ATL for traffic and international travel these days and is widely recognized as a hotspot for celebrities. Given its size and reputation, it’s no surprise that this airport gets so many rave reviews for comfort and convenience amenities by travelers of all kinds.

Air travel doesn’t have to be stressful. These five airports showcase how the very best airports are investing in features and systems that will smooth your travel experience and make for a more enjoyable trip. If you’re looking for a passenger experience that leaves a positive impression, try one of these airports.

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