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6 Reasons You DON’T Want to Hire a Stretch Limo Service for Your Wedding

Should you hire a stretch limo service for your wedding?The staple mode of transportation at a wedding used to be the stretch limo. The bride and all her bridesmaids arrive in high style, sliding out of the backseat to enter the venue. The bride and groom take off in the limo alone following the wedding, either to head to the reception or the airport, en route to their honeymoon.

But, as is the case with many time-honored wedding traditions, soon-to-be spouses are reconsidering. There can be many reasons not to hire a stretch limo for your wedding, and to go with another form of transportation instead. Here are six reasons why hiring a stretch limo for your wedding might not be the right choice for you.

1. Limos may not be as safe as you might think…

Just how safe is a stretch limo? As The New York Times states, limousines exist in a sort of regulatory limbo and are not faced with the same safety standards as other motor vehicles. In fact, major automotive companies do not produce stretch limos: they are made from vehicles that have been cut in half and then added with a new middle section for seating. They go through federal safety requirements that vary depending on the state you reside in.

Another potential safety hazard is the fact that people who ride in limos may be less likely to buckle up. This could be due to the party-like atmosphere that a limo creates, or perhaps because it is easier to move around in the limo without restriction.

2. That money may be better used elsewhere…

Hiring a stretch limo for the day of your wedding can cost hundreds — potentially thousands — of dollars, in comparison to a smaller vehicle like a town car. Most limo rental companies have standard pricing that’s calculated on day of the week you want the rental; time of day you’re reserving the limo for; model, size and features of the limo; and number of hours you want the rental. The average cost of renting a limousine is $95-$130 per hour. Think of all the other places that cash could go as you plan out your wedding budget!

3. Often, you’re paying for more than you need…

Stretch limos can hold upwards of eight or 10 passengers. Do you really need that many people traveling with you on your wedding day? Or, perhaps a better question is, do you really want that many people traveling with you on your wedding day? Opting for a smaller vehicle with chauffeur service means there’s only room for the people who matter most: maybe the bride, mother of the bride and maid of honor on the way to the wedding, and then the bride and groom only afterward. Additionally, many brides like the red-carpet service, decorations, flowers and champagne that typically accompany a stretch limo service on their wedding day, however, given the cost of these services, it may be something you are willing to forego.

4. But then in some instances, you’re not getting enough…

On the opposite side of things, maybe you do want all your bridal party and closest family members and friends with you every second of your wedding day. It is a party after all! But that’s where even stretch limos are a bit limited. A minibus or motor coach, in contrast, can fit 14 passengers with ease, so everyone’s included.

5. Many limo providers have strict rules regarding their rentals…

Sometimes, limo providers have strict rules regarding their rental policies. You may be required to rent for a certain number of hours, or reserve service as much as nine months in advance of a wedding.

6. Getting Into and Out of the Limo Can be Challenging

Of course, no bride wants to arrive at the reception looking any less beautiful than she did at the ceremony. After making an investment in a gown and all the complementary accessories, the last thing a bride wants is to arrive at her wedding with wrinkles acquired during transportation. Taking a motor coach gives you room to stretch out without worry and to get and get out with ease.

Working with Teddy’s for your wedding transportation is much easier. Our local team will work with you to make sure your wedding needs — whatever they might be — are met and your big day transportation goes off without a hitch. Teddy’s offers a range of vehicles, from party buses and motor coaches to town cars — whatever size vehicle you need. All are stylishly outfitted and expertly maintained. Our team is very familiar with working with bridal parties in New York and Connecticut and we’re confident we can help you check your wedding day transportation off your wedding to-do list. Click here to book an online reservation for your next trip.

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