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How Private Car Service Providers Support 2018 Corporate Travel Trends

Corporate travellers walking in busy airport 2018 is set to be another big year for corporate travel trends. We already see some trends taking shape, and some continuation from the last few years as companies become more self-aware and more contientious of how they are using their resources. It’s no surprise that private car services are a big part of this movement. Here’s why:

Making More from Less

We now live in a society where most business people are plugged in 24 hours a day. They are always accessible, and always working, even while traveling. The days of quiet time driving to work or sitting on a plane are long gone. Now we dedicate every waking moment to productivity. As a result, more companies are turning to private car service providers to make the most of those travel trips by maximizing employee productivity in traffic.

Reducing Waste

Another important trend is a turn toward reducing waste in the corporate travel budget. Instead of having five employees drive themselves to the airport, and reimbursing each one for travel and parking expenses, more companies are hiring private car service providers to transport the whole crew for a flat fee. In addition, some companies are even incentivizing these kinds of savings by offering their employees a percentage of the money saved in the form of a bonus. Even travel agents are getting on board with these reverse incentives.

More Transparency and Flexibility

Finally, in our fast paced world, employees today are expected to make, break and change plans as new projects develop before their very eyes. This has placed a burden on the travel industry to allow greater flexibility when it comes to making travel plans. Many car service providers have been particularly proactive about this trend by creating online and automated booking services, offering more flexible reservation policies, and even providing useful text, email, or app-based updates to the traveler if they suspect that there will be a problem with their planned travel. This relationship has matured into one in which the company receives far more than just a driver and a car for their money, they also receive the value of consistency and dependability.

As we head into the warmer months of 2018, we expect to see corporate travel ramping up even faster, and private car service providers will continue to lead the way. The more technology and feedback we get from car services and travelers alike, the more effective corporate travel will become. These corporate travel trends are all pointing the way toward a brighter future.

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