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How the NY Congestion Surcharge will Affect Your Next Ride in The City

Man with credit card Whether you’re traveling through New York, or you’re a permanent resident, you’ll want to know about the latest changes to transportation law and taxes. As of April 1st, 2019, New York has instituted a new NY Congestion Surcharge for any for-hire transport that starts and stops in the state or passes through the designated congestion zone. Here’s what that means for you.

Who is Affected by the NY Congestion Surcharge?

The new NY congestion surcharge applies to all for-hire vehicles that begin and end their service within New York state, including taxis, green cabs, livery vehicles, ride shares, limos and more. Travelers using public buses, trains and personal vehicles will not be subject to the congestion surcharge. Furthermore, clients who book interstate trips between Connecticut, New Jersey, and other surrounding states will not be affected by this surcharge.

How Much is the Surcharge in new york?

The NY congestion surcharge is broken up into three tiers. For non-medallioned services, the charge will be $2.75 per trip. This will be added to your booking reservation along with other taxes and fees that are normally collected in advance. You will note that this fee has its own line on your receipt. For medallioned taxis, the fee is $2.50 per trip and will be handled by the party responsible for dispatching and collecting fees. Finally, for carpool vehicles, the fee drops to $0.75 per person per trip.

What to Expect

For the most part, this small fee should not disrupt your travel plans. However, you can expect to see minor adjustments happening to the cost of travel across the board. It is important to remember that this new fee is specific to in-state travels and will most likely affect users of ridesharing services to a greater extent because they tend to make multiple shorter trips, rather than one long trip to an airport or other major destination. However, travelers who often move between midtown and JFK are also likely to see a spike in traveling costs associated with this fee.

As you plan your next trip to New York, we advise looking into hotels and other accommodations that are easily accessible across state lines so that you can avoid the fees whenever possible. When traveling in-state, make sure you understand when the fees will be applied so you can minimize repeated charges as you move about the city.

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