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Safety Benefits of Choosing a Private Car Service in CT vs. Ridesharing Services

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Whether you’re traveling with your family or taking off on your own, it is important to understand the safety concerns of booking a private car versus using a popular ride-sharing service. If you want to ensure that you have a simple holiday and stress-free adventure, you want to be informed about the differences between the two services. 

Who is Driving You?

Perhaps the most important difference between a private car service and rideshare is the credentials of the driver. Drivers who are employed full time by a private service must hold professional licenses to operate, as well as a clear driving record and criminal history. By contrast, rideshare services do not require any additional training or certification for their drivers, which could leave you in the hands of an inexperienced driver. Inexperienced drivers may be unsafe, but they also may not know the best routes through the city to get you to your destination on time, causing you to miss a flight.

Insurance Coverage

Another major difference between the two is the peace of mind that comes with having proper insurance coverage for commercial operations. Rideshare companies only require drivers to submit proof that their cars are insured, but do not verify that the driver is insured for commercial operations. Private car companies must carry extensive liability coverage to cover the operation of all vehicles in their employ as well as passengers. In the event of an accident, you will want to be covered.


Ultimately, there is a big question of accountability and reliability when it comes to rideshare services. With a private car, you are dealing with local business, subject to local regulatory guidelines. Rideshare services, by contrast, operate as independent contractors, so it is much harder to get in touch with a central agency if there is a problem, and accountability can be hard to pin down. This subjects you to unnecessary risk during your travels.

For the best comfort and safety, a private car service is the way to go. These companies have proven themselves reliable over many years, and have a more rigorous process for hiring drivers to offer the best safety and satisfaction to their customers. In addition, the cost difference between the two may not be as great as you think! You may be surprised to find that a private car offers more convenience, reliability, and safer travels at a price that is still very affordable.

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